Mock JLPT online

Hi everyone!
We are excited to announce to you that we are now offering Mock JLPT online.
<What is Mock JLPT?>
It's an online practice test available to members of Asao.
You can choose from all the five levels from N5 to N1.
It has exactly the same test structure as the actual JLPT but the number of questions is half.
You can take the test anytime on your computer or smartphone and see your test result immediately when you finish.
Your test result includes the correct answers, explanations, your total score and the score break-down by section.
<What you need>
- Your computer/tablet/smartphone with Google Chrome or Safari as a web browser
- Headset or earphones for the listening part
- 10 Euros (approx. 1300 yen per test)
We believe this mock test is very useful for all of you :)
You can use this test to prepare for the real JLPT, or to see where you stand now before actually choosing which level to apply for.
After taking the test, please let your teacher know your result and go through the questions with him/her :)
If you are interested, please let us know which level (N1~N5) you want to take. We will give you access to the test.
Please make sure your internet connection is stable and there is no distraction while you take the test.
(Once you start the test, you cannot pause and come back later.)
There are 6 different test sets for each level. So, if you are planning to take JLPT soon, you can take a different one everytime and get ready!
We hope this service helps your studies :)
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