Private Japanese Lessons on Discord

【Aspiring Japanese Teachers × Asao Language School】

Hi everyone

How are you?

We would like to introduce our Patreon/Discord lesson systems to the Japanese learners who are new to our community :)

Our Patreon/Discord community aims both to assist enthusiastic Japanese Language Learners and to fulfil the needs of Aspiring Japanese Teachers.

We train Aspiring Japanese Teachers and they need a lot of teaching experience with various learners before they start teaching as Professional Japanese Teachers, and we need your help!!

For you, Japanese Language Learners, we offer opportunities to practice their Japanese at affordable prices.

You can take private Japanese lessons from as many trainee Japanese teachers as you want, and practice your Japanese.

After each lesson, we ask you to send us feedback so that our teachers can understand their strengths and weakness and improve their teaching skills. This part is actually very very important! They rely on your feedback.

If you would like to help our aspiring teachers by taking Japanese lessons and sending us feedback, please join us from the Patreon website. 🙂

If you have questions regarding our Japanese lessons, please send me an email to or a direct message on Discord

(You don't have full access until you actually become our patron member, but you can still take a look at some open channels.) 

Thank you so much for your support
Hope to see you soon!
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